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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. This is a ‘Simpsonized’ picture of me (I don’t really have skin that colour), and probably more interesting than any other I could find.

Who am I?

A few random boring facts:

  • Christopher Peter is my pen name, not my real one.
  • I’m married with three kids.
  • I live and work in the UK, in the Oxford area.

Why do I write?

For me, there was always something magical about being transported into a make-believe world, of being carried along by a story. A good story is one of the greatest pleasures in the world.  If I can create something like that, something even half as good as one of those books that has captivated, inspired, entertained or moved me, then that would be awesome.

So why did I start writing the Danny Chaucer’s Flying Saucer series? Well, for one thing I’ve always liked science fiction – my favourite TV programme of all time is Doctor Who.

But also, when I was a kid, I did actually daydream about having my own flying saucer, of being able to just take off, to cruise though the skies and up to the stars, soaring far and above my problems. Of course I’d be the envy of everyone. And to be able to go into outer space – how fantastic would that be?

As well as the Danny Chaucer series, I’ve also written two YA books (for older kids / teenagers), called BASIC Boy and Falling Girl. You can find out about them on my other website/blog here.

You can use the comments section below if you’d like to get in touch. Thanks.

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